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Hobson's Choice poster

Hobson's Choice

by Harold Brighouse

Tuesday 19th - Saturday 23rd September, 8pm, at the Players Theatre, Hurstpierpoint.

Hurst Players presents what has been described as a classic of the British comedy genre. This is the story of an irascible widower's battle to be master in his own house with three strong-minded daughters who have their own ideas. His household and bootmaker business are efficiently run by Maggie, his eldest, who announces it is time she got married and, to Hobson's fury, has selected Will Mossop, Hobson's meek apprentice! Hobson is dead-set against it but Maggie thinks she is his match. Stand back and watch the fireworks!

Tickets will be available from the Hurst Festival Box Office or in person at the Box Office at the Players Theatre (please check the opening times displayed on the door).

Non-Stop Shakespeare

12th - 15th October

Twenty years ago, the Players needed to raise funds for essential roof repairs, and so the idea was born to stage a non-stop reading of the complete works of William Shakespeare - 24 hours a day, without break, until finished! It was a tremendous achievement and was warmly supported by those who watched (whatever the hour) and the celebrities who kindly donated their time to come down and read some of the Bard's works.

Fast forward to the current day and the Players are again raising funds - this time for the building renovations project (see the news page for more details). It was decided to revisit the success of the non-stop Shakespeare readthrough by doing it all again! And so, from 7:30pm on Thursday 12th October until some time on Sunday 15th, we will once again bring the Bard's verse to life, without stopping, until the last line of the last play has been spoken. Keep checking this page where further details will be published as soon as they are known. We hope you are excited as we are!

National Theatre Live

National Theatre Live is the National Theatre’s groundbreaking project to broadcast world-class theatre to cinemas in the UK and internationally. The Players Theatre is proud to be able to show screenings as part of a joint venture between the Hurst Players and the Hurst Village Cinema. Details of upcoming shows can be found on the film club website.

Other Societies

Cuckfield Dramatic Society

We work closely with another local group - the CDS - and believe that reciprocal promotion benefits us all. To that end, the following links will take you to their website, where you can find information on their upcoming activities.


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