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Newsletter Corrections

Unfortunately a couple of errors and omissions crept into the latest newsletter.

In the piece about the AGM, the date of the AGM got left off! It is on MONDAY the 29th July.

Additionally, in the 'Dates For Your Diary', a cut and paste error gave the wrong date for The Glass Menagerie. It should have been 17th to 21st September.

Apologies for the slip-ups.

Chairman's Report

Click here to view the latest report from the Chairman of the Committee, detailing what's been happening at the theatre, and the developments that are in store for the period ahead.

Audience Feedback

If you have seen one of our recent performances, you may have noticed a new addition to the Hurst Players experience. In an effort to engage more with our audiences and respond to their comments and suggestions, the Players have begun handing out audience feedback forms at our shows. These take the format of a series of 1-5 ratings on various aspects of the show (quality of performance, friendliness of staff, etc.) and an open comments section.

Audience feedback for the whole of 2017 has now been collected and processed - click here to view the summarised ratings, and here to see the latest audience comments. All in all, we think it paints a very positive picture of the quality of events at The Players Theatre in the year just gone. We believe the planned renovations will take care of the vast majority of areas where our audiences felt we had room for improvement - which, as you can see, are predominantly related to the building infrastructure itself. This highlights, more than ever, the importance in embarking on this project to revitalise our theatre - which is keeping us all very excited. Watch this space!

Players Theatre Renovation Plans

There are currently plans in motion to undertake certain restoration work on the theatre building, in order to allow us to keep producing high-calibre theatre for our patrons. For those interested in finding out more about this venture, a proposal of the intended works can be downloaded by clicking here. A provisional budget can also be found here.

We are currently in the process of raising the necessary funds to undertake this project. In addition to applying for financial grants, we are also seeking donations. Anyone wishing to help can do so by clicking the button below. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has already donated and helped us realise this dream.


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