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The Players have been putting art and soul into community theatre since 1937. See highlights from recent shows below, or click for a full list of all productions since 1937.

The Glass Menagerie

September 2019

by Tennessee Williams
Amanda Wingfield, a faded remnant of St Louis gentility, lives to see her disabled daughter married. The daughter, Laura, is breaking under the pressure and retreats from the world. Her brother, Tom, also cannot tolerate the constant nagging and turns to alcohol as his escape. Then an eligible young man accepts an invitation to dinner...

Director: Bob Sampson

Cast: Sam Nixon, Vince Whittaker, Alicia Anckorn, Dan Russell

The Killing of Sister George

July 2019

by Frank Marcus
A scathing examination of the public and private lives of so-called cultural icons. Sister George is a beloved character on a popular BBC radio soap opera, a cheerful nurse who rides her scooter about the countryside singing hymns and doing good. In private life, the actress is a foul-mouthed, alcoholic lesbian. Due to low ratings, cut-backs and her bad behaviour, the BBC in their wisdom, decide to kill off this character and we follow the impact it has on the actress’s life and the lives of those around her.

Director: Annete Squire

Cast: Liz Gibson, Lyn Snowden, Sue Wicks, Bernie Hecht


April 2019

by Patrick Hamilton
A mystery set in a Mayfair flat in 1929, exploring the psychology of suspicion, guilt, and murder. Two young undergraduates think they've committed the perfect intellectual murder. To add spice to their crime, they invite the victim's father and other guests to a macabre dinner party. Will they get away with it, or will one of the guests smell a rat?

Director: Jo Kearns

Cast: Ali Somers, Callum McManus, Simon Matkin, Alex Corcoran, Hannah Levene, Martin Hall-Smith, Sue Blair-Fish, Sam Hile

Habeus Corpus

September 2018

by Alan Bennett
The antics at the Wicksteed home are a satirical merry-go-round. Family, friends and sexual satisfaction are the ruling passions in this farcical comedy of ill-manners. Through a dance of mistaken identities and carnal encounters, one motto holds fast: "He whose lust lasts, lasts longest."

Director: Jill Hewer

Cast: Graeme Muncer, Jan Bell, Hannah Banks, Karinn Grierson, Neil Kearns, Lyn Snowdon, Sam Hile, Paul Woodcock, Vince Whittaker, Ken Boyle, Josie Porter

Hay Fever

June 2018

by Noel Coward
Hoping for a quiet weekend in the country with some guests, David Bliss, a novelist, and his wife, Judith, a retired actress, find quiet an impossible dream when their high-spirited children, Simon and Sorel, appear with guests of their own. A houseful of drama waits to be ignited as misunderstandings and tempers flare. With Judith’s new flame and David’s newest literary “inspiration” keeping company as the children follow suit, the Bliss family lives up to its name as the “quiet weekend” comes to an exhausting and hilarious finale.

Director: Annette Squire

Dead Guilty

April 2018

by Richard Harris
A tense psychological study of guilt and obsession, Dead Guilty concerns an attractive young graphic artist whose leg is badly injured in a car crash that occurred when a business associate suffered a fatal heart attack at the wheel. Housebound and depressed, Julia is tormented when things disappear, a Mexican orange blossom materializes on her shambling Victorian terrace and someone prowls upstairs at night. While a kindly counselor contends with Julia's suicidal tendencies and a besotted handyman helps around the house, the excessively solicitous widow invades Julia's life. Suspense builds as the question becomes whether the affair Julia was enjoying with her now dead colleague will cost her her own life.

Director: Chrys Tarr

Cast: Karinn Grierson, Jan Bell, Sue Blair-Fish, Sam Hile

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